How to Care for Your Camera

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    Cameras of all types are very precision-orientated devices. From general care guidelines to real-time scenarios, this guide will tell you all you need to know to maintain a healthy camera for years to come.

    1.Camera bag. The core component of protecting your camera. A convenient and often inexpensive way to safeguard against dirt, dust and those unexpected falls. Brands such as Lowepro specialize in making good quality camera bags.

    2.Lens cap. This should already come with your camera, so it's ready to use anywhere and anytime. Always replace the cap on your camera when not using it - dust will readily settle on an exposed lens! Lens hoods are optional accessories which experienced photographers use. They also provide small protection from dangers like flying sand.

    3.Cleaning cloth.This should be clean, dry and made of appropriate material. Ultrafine microfiber cleaning cloths are the best; they remove all kinds of dust and particles at once, e.g. finger marks, grease spots, without leaving streaks and smudges.

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