Milind Soman turns 'Ironman'

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    Bollywood actor, Milind Soman successfully completed the toughest triathlon in the World. Milind Soman completed the Ironman Triathlon on July 19, which was held in Zurich, Switzerland.

    Milind Soman is 49 years old and a passionate athlete. He was a national level swimmer for India and has even participated and held many running events

    Some facts you must know about Milind Soman and Ironman Triathlon:

    There were around 2,000 participants which included seven Indians and Milind Soman won the competition.

    The triathlon was organised by the World Triathlon Corporation. It included a 3.8 km swim, 180.2 km cycle ride and 42.2 km run

    Milind Soman completed the triathlon in 15 hours and 19 minutes and won the triathlon

    The team of seven Indians was led by Dr. Radhkar, who won the title for the seventh time

    Triathlons were a result of a debate among the athletes in the United States, which athletes was more fit, runners or the swimmers? U.S Navy Commander Collins came with the conclusion and started the Ironman Triathlon

    The world record for the full triathlon is held by Marino Vanhoenacker who completed the triathlon in 7 hours and 45 minutes

    An M-Dot is used to symbolize the Ironman Triathlon event. In 'IRONMAN' there is a dot on the letter 'M' which symbolizes the need to have fit and a strong willpower

    In 2012, Milind Soman became Limca Book record holder after running 1,500 km in Greenathon
    Soman held Indian National Swimming Championship title for four years consecutively from 1984.

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