5 Minutes Weight Loss Exercise for Beginners

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    Beginners Workout to Lose Weight at home

    The persons who do not have any equipment to work out cannot afford to go to the gym can try this easy 5-minute workout at home to lose their weight fast and have a flat- belly. These steps of 5 Minutes Weight Loss Exercise are very simple and especially for beginners. Repeat these steps to quickly lose weight with exercise at home.

    8 Easy Moves to lose weight at home

    Move 1:
    • Front Punches
    • Low Kicks
    • Do 4 Front punches and 4 low front kicks repeatedly.
    • You can speed up or keep doing in the same motion.
    • Make sure to keep your kick low if you are a beginner.
    • Repeat this move for 10 seconds.
    Move 2:
    • Jumps
    • Keep your arms straight upward.
    • Stretch your one leg outside.
    • Release your arm and the leg to stand straight.
    • Now repeat this movement by changing your leg one by one.
    • Try to do this motion in quite the fast speed for 10 seconds.
    Move 3:
    • Butt Kick
    • Keep your hands up and stomach tight.
    • Kick backward towards your butt by changing your leg one by one.
    • Manage your speed of doing this move according to your stamina.
    • Keep moving for 10 seconds.
    Move 4:
    • Running
    • Make your feet run while staying in the same place.
    • Take your arms stretched up and then stretched outside.
    • Don’t stop running your feet while doing arm work.
    • Keep running and moving arms for 10 seconds.
    • Breathe in every move
    • You can slow your move
    Move 5:
    • Front punches
    • Tiny Squats
    • Do 4 front punches.
    • And then do 4 tiny little squat
    • Do not bend too much as it is a tiny squat
    • Just try to bend a little bit
    • Keep your arms up while doing squat
    • Repeat this move for 10 seconds.
    Move 6:
    • Bouncing
    • Keep your arms up.
    • Bend your knees a little bit.
    • Stretch your legs outside one by one while bouncing.
    • Keep getting lower and lower as much as you can go.
    • Repeat it for 10 seconds.
    Move 7:
    • Move front back
    • Keep your arms up.
    • Stretch your both legs outside.
    • Take front steps and then back steps one by one.
    • Keep doing it for 10 seconds.
    Move 8:
    • Turn down punch
    • Turn your body on one side while staying at the same place.
    • Keep your stomach tight
    • And then punch downward by bending knee a little bit.
    • Turn your body on the other side and punch downward.
    • Move your feet when turning
    • You can go faster or slow according to your stamina
    • Repeat this move for 10 seconds.

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