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    Like most people, we used to just buy the popular brands of things for our home. The easiest way to describe it is that we walked into a big box store and bought what was on the shelf.
    Later, my husband and I were going through a long run of infertility and treatment for it, so I started looking around my environment and wondering about how I could affect my own fertility. Then when I was pregnant, I heard different things about chemicals in products and how they could affect the baby. I wasn’t sure what to make of it all, and I didn’t always believe it. But I started paying more attention.
    The biggest trigger of all was once we had our baby. I’m embarrassed to say it now, but I was using a popular brand of deodorizer that I’d spray around my son’s diaper pail because I thought it would kill germs and keep the smell away. When my son was 2, he got a cold that wouldn’t go away, and he had a cough for something like six months. The doctor called it “suspected asthma.” My son was put on an intensive medication and had to use a nebulizer. At the time, we didn’t really know how to question that or what to do about it.
    That’s when I really started learning about chemicals and how they affect health. The mainstream media only touches on this a little bit, but when you look closer, the research and studies are pretty astonishing. I realized that these chemicals coming into our bodies could have so many more consequences than what we know at this point.
    I essentially said, “That’s it, I’m peeling away anything that’s controversial and cleaning everything out in the house.” It didn’t happen all at once, of course, and with some items, it takes a monetary commitment too.
    First, I stopped using the deodorizer in my son’s room and started making all my own cleaning products. We also stopped using anything with bleach or antibacterial soaps, neither of which is necessary. We got rid of everything plastic that we could, especially storage containers for food and the PVC plastic that’s in some baby toys and shower curtains and raincoats. We switched to glass baby bottles and stainless-steel sippy cups. I also changed cookware and got rid of our nonstick stuff and went to cast iron—which we love cooking with!—and stainless-steel pans. We also eventually bought a new mattress for my son. Although it wasn’t organic, it was a much cleaner version than what he had before. And now we don’t buy anything with a scent unless the fragrance comes from an essential oil.
    As soon as we got the gunk out of the house, especially the deodorizer, my son’s cough went away. He no longer had “suspected asthma,” and he didn’t need the medication or nebulizer anymore. My allergies also got dramatically better.
    When I used popular cleaning products, I’d get headaches or my eyes would water or my nose would run. That should be a red flag for all of us. With my homemade cleaning products, none of that happens.
    After learning more about this and seeing the difference in my own family, I believe in this so much. If people can make small changes now, it will help in the short term and the long term. At the end of the day, you have to be your own advocate and stand up for integrity in the products you purchase. If you just buy cheap all the time, that’s what you’ll get. It shouldn’t be about getting the best deal; it should be about finding products with integrity that work for your family.
    This can feel overwhelming for people, but I’d say just start with one thing you know you can do and go from there. It doesn’t all have to happen at once, but if you start with one thing, the next thing will come easier.

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