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    Kalakand is a quick and easy dessert recipes in 15 mins. It is a simple desserts recipe to make at home for special occasions with paneer and condensed milk.

    Traditional kalakand recipe is made by boiling and curdling milk by lemon juice or vinegar. You can also make kalakand by boiling milk until it becomes thick and cook with crumbled paneer.

    Also, you can easily make sweet kalakand in a microwave oven by using ricotta cheese. I made this dessert easily with condensed milk and paneer. I made paneer at home, so I am excited to make recipes with it and kalakand is the first recipe with my homemade paneer.
    1. Refrigerated paneer is slightly hard so thaw it in a room temperature for at least half an hour before started making kalakand. Also, crumble it finely without leaving any big chunks.
    2. I used store bought condensed milk, you can use 3% full-fat milk and boil it until it becomes thick then add paneer to it.
    3. Make sure to cook it on a low flame to avoid burning the condensed milk.
      1. If you find the sweetness is less, add sugar when the condensed milk and paneer mixture becomes thick and cook for few extra minutes until the sugar dissolves completely. Sweetness from condensed milk is enough for my taste bud, so I didn’t add sugar.
      2. You can also add rose water in this recipe, but I personally do not like rose water flavor in kalakand so I skipped it.
      3. I used crushed pistachios for garnishing, you can use any variety of nuts of your choice.
        Sweet Kalakand is a healthy dessert because it is made up of milk and cheese without deep frying or stuffing it with too much sugar. Though it is high in calorie it is loaded with milk goodness.

        Since it is fully made up of milk products even a small piece of kalakand make us feel fuller quickly.
        • 1.5 cup PANEER
        • 3 no CARDAMOM
        • 4 gms PISTACHIO NUTS RAW
        1. Crumble or grate paneer finely without chunks. Grease a wide plate with ghee and keep it ready. Crush pistachios roughly and keep it aside until needed.
        2. In a pan add condensed milk, crumbled paneer and mix well.
        3. Turn on the stove and cook it in a low heat until it becomes thick and begins to leaves the sides of a pan.
        4. Turn off the heat and add crushed cardamoms ( you can also add cardamom powder or place a tsp of sugar and cardamoms in a mixer and powder it). Mix well.
        5. Transfer it to a greased plate or parchment paper (I used parchment paper). Shape it into a thick square using a spoon or spatula. Sprinkle crushed pistachios on top and press gently.
        6. Refrigerate it for half an hour or more and cut them into small square shapes using a knife and serve

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